5 Games That Keep Lively Children Active During a Pandemic

In times of pandemics like this, you may be confused about a super agile child. In the past, children with extraordinary strength could freely play outside. Now it’s different, Mother as much as possible to keep children from playing only in the house.
According to the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), preschoolers should be encouraged to play actively for at least an hour each day. Even if it’s just playing, climbing, jumping, or cycling with friends.

“Children need to play. By playing, children learn,” says child psychologist Dr Richard Woolfson, Ph.D, PGCE, MAppSci, CPsychol, FBPsS.

Mothers don’t have to take them to the swimming pool or gym so that children can actively move, Woolfosn explains there are cheap and simple ways to get children involved in energetic games. Like what? Check out the reviews below:

  1. On foot
    “Make walking a positive choice. If possible, don’t jump in the car whenever you want to go anywhere, but try to adjust to the weekly (if not every day) walk to the playground, mini-package, or just a walk – the way, “says Woolfson in Your Preschooler Bible.
  1. Cycling
    Another alternative is to do activities by cycling or scooter. The older the child, the more master the bicycle. However, try to get your child to wear a protective helmet while cycling (or using a scooter) for safety.
  2. Catch and throw the ball
    Woolfson suggests that energetic children be invited to play kicking a soccer ball together in the yard or playground. Children can learn to bounce the basketball or throw the ball.
  1. Dance
    Turn on music and encourage the child to move. Dancing or dancing, says Woolfson, develops balance and coordination. It’s a great way to get everyone active.
  2. Skates
    Your little one may be able to use roller skates. This can be an option, but again use protective gear.

“Make sure that he wears all the necessary protection, especially a helmet and known elbow pads. The flat trails in the park are ideal places,” said Woolfson.

Responding to the habit of restless children like this, psychologist Lynne Kenney and early childhood mental health consultant Wendy Young once explained, in their research, children who move too much get excessive stimulation of the five senses, experience hearing or vision problems, and other problems related to that movement.

Some children are unable to stay still, to activate the brain, usually by standing, walking, tapping a pencil, and chewing an eraser. Movements that involve the body’s balance system help maintain alertness and arousal by interacting with the reticular activation system, the part that connects the spine to the brain.

“Your child’s little movements actually release neurotransmitters like dopamine which help the brain stay active. Amazing, isn’t it?” Kenney said.

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