The Positive Sides Of Playing Games You Should Now

Don’t look at the bad side that many people know, but look for the good side that not many people know. This sentence is often described for game lovers. In this day and age, there must be many who already know and know about games, which are very popular, especially millennials.

Playing games is the most fun activity in life. Moreover, once playing games the players can forget the time for hours. Every human being must have played games at least once in their life, although sometimes games are often seen as a negative thing. In fact, there are many benefits that can be obtained when playing games.

The game will turn into something negative if played excessively. So that it can make our productivity in various ways decrease. Playing games excessively can also harm our health. Many negative things are caused by excessive playing of a person. This is what makes parents protect their children from not knowing the world of games at all.

But here we will forget a little about the negative impact of playing games because in my opinion this is very mainstream to be discussed in detail. As I said, playing games also has a positive impact on ourselves and even for others. This time I will discuss some of the benefits of games in our lives.

Good For Health

Playing games is actually just to fill spare time, but in fact playing games also has health benefits. For example, playing RTS-type games can help brain performance. The results show that the distributed brain networks that support cognitive flexibility can be adapted to a fun video game experience that emphasizes the maintenance and rapid manipulation of multiple sources of information.

Not only that, the benefits of games for health can also improve the eyesight of a gamer who plays action games. There are many studies that say that playing games can improve our vision. In it, the researchers found that gamers who played action games such as shooting experienced a significant increase in the resolution of their spatial abilities. Action games can also improve the ability to visually detect contrast.

Adding knowledge

The positive impact of playing this game is not a mere figment, because basically the language that is often used is English. Now in the use of English this is what can help us know some vocabulary and even sentences in English. Most children who play games know more about English vocabulary than children who don’t play games.

For example, in playing the game Final Fantasy, we will be required to look for an item, if we cannot understand the meaning of the game’s conversation, we are certain that we will not get lost and get stuck. Besides that, in this game there are also many words that will be recognized in everyday life.

Playing games also adds to historical knowledge, which in the game draws tragedies that have happened in the past. But the storytelling is through this video game. For example, such as in the game Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, which discusses a little about the history of developing in Italy. Not only the history of playing games, it also makes us learn biology in the game Bully.

Earn income

Currently there are lots of gamers who get a lot of money thanks to them playing games. Some of these gamers are E-Sports athletes, Bloggers, and Vloggers. These three professions are professions that are currently being craved by many gamers.

Becoming an E-Sport athlete is following the competence of games that make money, such as the BTR team in the PUBG game, they become athletes who have won many PUBG championships at the national and international levels. Become a Blogger and Vlogger like Jess No Limit, where she reviews the game on the YouTube channel with good and interesting language and games

So he also gets endorsement fees or gets money from advertising on his channel. Even from the results he played games he was able to buy a Ferrari car, and the items he wanted.

The game benefits above are just a few of the many positive game benefits. So the conclusion is there is nothing wrong if we really like playing games. Get into your hobby of playing games. However, if you want, as I have explained, it is like getting an income, then play according to the existing rules and take advantage of your abilities to become a healthy gamer. Don’t overdo it which can be bad for yourself.

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